Company intro
Our company, Zhishangwang, provides high quality career, soft skills and leadership development training and coaching services that support the ability of global companies and professionals to respond to today’s new realities and business challenges. Zhishangwang’s talent development philosophy and practices are captured in our PLSD (Practical Learning & Skills Development) Approach, which is featured in our career development, soft skills development and team leadership development workshop deliveries. This simple, effective approach as been developed from our 20+ years of servicing top international companies and candidates through our parent company, Wang & Li Asia Resources (, recognized as China’s Recruitment Firm of the Year in 2008.
Our PLSD Approach
Our PLSD (Practical Learning & Skills Development) Approach teaches high potentials to senior managers how to drive their own career development and build the skill sets they need to perform as leaders in a top global company. Through greater self-awareness of your situation, increased ownership for your learning and development, and by being more proactive, our PLSD Approach enables participants to better leverage the resources, people and opportunities from their daily job situation and work environment. Our core PLSD principles, insights and habits place a heavy emphasis on simple, straightforward and effective. This makes them easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to apply. Ultimately, this talent development approach is able to raise the mindset and behavior of your key employees to help them face new challenges and deliver greater contributions to your company.