Our Mission
Through our highly practical training and coaching approach to talent development, our goal is to help organizations in China accelerate the development of your current and future leaders, as well as teach professionals how to fulfill their full potential and achieve their career success.

Our Vision
We are dedicated to bringing a practical approach to organizations and leaders that nurtures the right mindset and habits that enable your employees to drive their own learning and development, and turn the challenges they face into opportunities to contribute more and grow faster.

Our Career & Leadership Development Philosophy

If you want to do something well, understand it well first. If changing habits and behavior is the goal in your organization, then you need to influence mindset first. You need to get people to recognize the realities of their situation, not only at present, but in the future as well. In addition, you need straightforward, practical approaches to help them to get what they need. Through facilitated discussions, role plays, and team and individual exercises, we help your employees to view and approach things differently, and teach them how to create opportunities to drive their own learning and development.

This is how Zhishangwang workshop deliveries improve the key capabilities of participants. We show them how to take more ownership and be more proactive to address their own career development needs and challenges. Ultimately, we raise their self-awareness of what they can do to contribute more in their role and achieve greater success for their career.

Our Career & Leadership Development Experience
Zhishangwang’s career development expertise is rooted in two things, our parent company and our Founder’s two career 
development books written especially for Chinese professionals.

Our Career & Leadership Development Emphasis

Developing a strong leadership team that can navigate today’s new market realities and challenges is mission critical for any company’s success. Most leaders are typically trained on how to develop their leadership qualities and style, think strategically, manage a team, and support company objectives.

But what part of their leadership training teaches them how to develop team members, nurture the mindset, values, and habits that your organization values, and hire right fit people for their team? These are some of the key capabilities that Zhishangwang career & leadership development workshops help your company address.

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