The PLSD Approach
The PLSD Approach (Practical Learning & Skills Development) is designed to help high potential and middle to senior managers drive and manage their own career and leadership development needs to achieve their performance objectives as current and future leaders. The approach teaches and instills core PLSD principles, insights and habits that allow them to better leverage the resources, people and opportunities that are available to them.
PLSD Principles, Insights and Habits
PLSD Key Success Factors and Key Elements
Our PLSD Approach also emphasizes greater self-awareness of your situation, ownership of your career development and being more proactive to take advantage of the situations and opportunities that are available to you. By showing participants how to ask more questions, engage others more and get more involved, they learn how to drive and manage their own learning and development of key skills and capabilities that are critical for their leadership success.
Our PLSD Approach teaches simple, straightforward, effective ways for your key employees to get what you need for their career development from their daily job situation and work environment. As such, the concepts and habits that they learn are able to impact their mindset and behavior. They are easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to apply. Essentially, any person can apply them in any situation.
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